Punched parts

Punched parts in every shape and type.

We supply you with all seals made of all common elastomers, plastics and fibre soft materials.


Individual and series production based on:

  • drawings
  • dimensions
  • samples
  • DXF and othe files
We are sure to find the right sealing solution for you that meets your requirements.
Stamped parts, blanks and seals:
Elastomers such as NBR, NR, SBR, FKM, EPDM, silicone and many more.
Plastics such as PTFE, PE, PP, POM, PVC, PA, etc.
Fibre soft materials from Klinger, Frenzelit, Reinz, Donit and many other manufacturers of foamed materials such as PE foam, cellular rubber, sponge rubber, poron and
graphite or graphitised materials.