Sheets, rolls, tubes, rods, foils.

Due to our extensive assortment we are able to supply various formats and thicknesses.


Also in our portfolio:

Finished parts such as gaskets, flat and moulded parts, turned and milled parts as well as O-rings made of PTFE.



The most important properties of PTFE are:

  • Temperature resistance from + 360 ° C to -265 ° C
  • Universal chemical resistance
  • Low coefficient of friction, good sliding characteristics
  • ageing stability
  • Biocompatibility and suitability for the food industry
  • self-lubrication
  • Good electrical insulation values



   Areas of application:



This synthetic material is used in the most diverse branches of industry, such as the pharmaceutical, oil, gas, chemical, automotive, power plant and mechanical engineering industries, as well as in medical technology, in order to solve their various problems.