Polyurethane is a material with ideal properties for numerous industrial applications. The field of application for these highly wear-resistant materials is diverse and ranges from mining and winter maintenance to highly stressed articles for mechanical and plant engineering. The medical sector, the transport industry as well as the food industry round off the applications together with many other sectors.





  • high durability
  • high tensile strength
  • high elasticity
  • resistant to mineral oils and greases
  • very low abrasion


Fields of application:

  • Damping
  • suspension
  • gaskets
  • coupling elements
  • Wheels and castors
  • snow plough strips


With its convincing mechanical and dynamic material properties, this material is the epitome of maximum performance and can be used in almost every industry.


Plates, rods, tubes, prefabricated parts, moulded parts


Available in different colours (e.g. ochre, reddish brown...)